Alexandre Manuel

“I am Portuguese and French. I first fell in love with photography in 2000 while traveling around São Paulo in Brazil. With a disposable camera in my bag, I started to record every corner of urban landscape I came across in this wonderfully strange, enormous city. In this way, my travels quickly became a school of learning for me. However, even before I discovered how capture it, I already had a love for the focus of my attention. In the same way that a sports photographer has a passion for athletics, my landscape portraits are above all, a love of nature.I completed a PhD in Visual Semiotics, specialising in Editorial Images in France but I prefer to dedicate my life to my inexhaustible passion for photography. I have already taken part in a number of successful exhibitions in the Algarve and in France.I am fascinated with the temporary nature of photography, by using a long exposure, high key technique and the study of atmospheric conditions for optimum effects. I try to create a continuous scene that is untouched by time and only framed by traces of human contact in structures, rocks and maritime locations. I am passionate about landscapes and particularly the Algarve coastal region where I am recording its natural wonders in constant motion.

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Gallery Geraldes da Silva, Porto;  Contemporary Art Center,  Museum of TAVIRA (palacio da galeria)

Fine Art Gallery Palpura – LISBON; Gallery Santo António – Monchique;  Gallery ArteAlgarve Open VII - LAGOA

city hall exhibition space  - Lagos;  Gallery ArteAlgarve Open VIII- LAGOA;  Fine Art Gallery São Mamede - VALE DO LOBO


Café Ingles – Silves;  Gallery ArteAlgarve Open IV; Gallery ArteAlgarve Open V;   Gallery Arte Algarve Open VI

 Awards :

2013 :

-       IPA International Photography Awards : Honorable Mention

2014 :

-       SONY Wold Photography Awards : Finalista Top 10


-       Segundo lugar (Fine Art Architecture)

-       Terçeiro lugar (FineArt Landscape, Nature &        Fine Art Abstract)

-       mençao honrosa na "Spider Black and white photography award" concurso international baseado nos estados unidos.

-                  Fine Art Abstract)

2015: European pprofessional photographer of the year 2015",


  • ND Awards Winners' Gallery; ND Awards 2016; Professional; Nature; Seascapes / Waterscapes; 1st Place - Gold Star Award


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